The Present State of the Project

The goals and procedures as originally conceived have been somewhat modified as the project evolved. The main geographical area of concentration remains sub-Saharan Africa, but North African sources are by no means to be excluded. On the other hand, the project will not concern itself with materials for Egyptian history except in so far as they relate more widely to the African continent. Critical texts will remain the basic norm, but translation will be into either French or English according to the working language of the editor. The chronological framework remains the same. The existing focus on sub-Saharan Africa and indigenous African history should be maintained. Emphasis should be laid on pre-colonial and colonial periods and as far as the latter period is concerned, only on "African voice". The greatest potential for future work in the context of the Fontes Project lies in cooperation with local scholars doing work in Arabic, Geez, Amharic and many other African languages. Original text should be published with a parallel translation into a European language (preferably English or French.
According to the FHA International Committee (consisting of International Director and Chairs of the National Committees) post-colonial sources should not be normally published since these are adequately covered by African text editing programmes in the USA (APAHS and the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Also the Committee should not normally undertake editions of sources relating to colonial administration of sub-Saharan Africa by non-Africans, e.g. official documentation on the Belgian Congo, Portuguese or German administration etc.